Zwift is a cycling game that connects to your trainer and transports you into virtual worlds that feel nothing like you're sweating in your basement alone. 

Every effort put forth on the trainer is reflected in the game, and every challenge in the game is reflected in the resistance on your trainer. Zwift has a cult like following of devoted cyclists who come for the gains, the colorful virtual escapes, and the global community of enthusiastic semi-pro, pro and hobby cyclists. 

TLDR? Zwift is like Peloton for nerds. So we made vibrant, fun social videos that highlight the game's quirks and celebrate the features the community cherishes most. 

Social Films

We used Zwift's updated logo as a portal into their zany visual worlds and cast IRL Zwift riders in our films. 


Print + Website

Assets from our films were used for print messaging and as part of Zwift's updated website.