Netflix Social

As a show, Stranger Things is scrunchie deep in 80s nostalgia. But some of its cast members? These whippersnappers weren't born until long after the golden age of leg warmers and fanny packs. 

So we challenged a few of the Stranger Things kids to an 80s trivia game to figure out who had the most pre-90s knowledge in their noggin.    

After the video was posted on Netflix's Facebook and Twitter channels, the client asked that we reformat the video for Instagram Stories.

Once posted on IG, the story received over a million views, a first for Netflix's story performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • The word froffles is always funny. 
  • Trust the Australian in the room. 
  • Parks & Recs Fans really love a shout out. 

Made at Sid Lee LA.