Yahoo Sports: Show Me the Football

For the 2018 NFL football season, Yahoo! Sports offered free, live streaming, NFL games, four times a week, directly to fans’ mobile phones. According to the few, die-hard and casual-football fans I know I was told this was a big deal.

We were tasked with creating a launch film to announce the app and the partnership.

So we wrote a rap track, collaborated with hip-hop duo, The Seige, and created a corresponding music video that announced the app’s myriad offerings. In doing so we celebrated the spirit of modern-day football fandom, and flipped the standard, twangy Monday Night Football anthem on its head.

BTS shots courtesy of the talented photography guru himself, Elliot Eliash


The closest my family name will ever get to a professional sport.

Made with:
Executive Creative Directors: Mariota Essery, Driscoll Reid
Art Director: Elliot Eliash