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TNF Ventrix Jacket

It's just another TNF jacket right? Au contraire my friend! The Ventrix jacket has responsive ventilation that opens and closes with motion, making it uniquely designed to release heat when you're most in need of a cool down.

In short, it's the jacket that breathes with you. 

With the notion of breath, rhythm, and movement in mind, we partnered with Maggie Rogers to pair her new single 'Split Stones' with the release of the Ventrix jacket. As Pharell knows, much of Maggie's musical process is inspired by nature, and we were able to weave her creative process into our spot, alongside the routines of our TNF athletes.

Press: Highsnobiety, Fader



Digital Release

In addition to the film, we created an interactive digital experience in partnership with Spotify that allowed fans to discover Maggie's track layer by layer through movement. With more movement, more layers of the song were played until finally the full length track was released, 24 hours ahead of its official global release.