Spotify Jam

Listen Up! Streaming music services like Spotify have given us more access to music than ever before. We can listen to music anywhere, but we're keeping it to ourselves.

What if in addition to bringing people music, Spotify could bring people together?

Introducing Spotify Jam


A space within the Spotify app for users to listen to music in real-time with any other Spotify subscriber, whether they're in the other room, or across the world. 


What does it do?

Think of Jam as a live playlist controlled by you and your friends. From separate devices, everyone can listen to the same song at the exact same time, no matter their location. Create your own jam for others to join, or get in on theirs. 


Want in on this Jam?

Jam is located at the top of the activity feed within the Spotify app. Listeners can simply click on an active Jam to join in on the music, or choose to start their own. 

Preview current jams by long pressing a song in the feed, or take a peep in the Jam leader's profile to see who's already listening.




You're In

If the Jam leader has enabled it (in his or her settings) listeners can add new songs to the queue. Thumbs up a song to get it closer to the top of the queue, or thumbs down it to get it kicked off.

Chances are, there will be some commentary on the current song playing, and what's up next. If so, members of the Jam can message the rest of the listeners their thoughts. 


Artist Jam

Instead of just "dropping" a new album, artists can interact with their fans by sharing and listening in real-time.



It's Business, It's a Business Jam

Businesses can have their own jams too. A business Jam serves as a digital jukebox. If you've just settled down in your favorite coffee shop, their Jam will pop up through geo-location in your feed. If you choose to join, you can thumbs up or down the songs listed in the queue, and add suggestions of your own.


Experience Designer: Hunter Noxon
Copywriters: Caroline Gallalee, Tom Daley, Rich Whelchel