Worth it - Chrome Extension

The Worth It Chrome Extension replaces the price of any item with your own brand of currency, so you can see exactly what it's really worth to you. 

You may think twice before buying a flashy watch once you see it costs half your rent, or 50 six-packs of your favorite beer. But if you like, really, really want it. You can change your currency to say, a Rolls Royce and suddenly that watch is looking a lot cheaper.

However you use it, Worth It provides customized-cost context for whatever you’re considering your cart. (whoa that was a lot of c's).

How Worth it Works


How Worth it Works - Gif Edition


Worth it Working in the Wild


Where Worth it Is Now

We are currently in alpha phase, with our sites on the Chrome Web Store very soon! In the meantime, if you'd like, you can try Worth It for yourself by following the steps listed below. 


Steps for installation:

1. Click on the link below. (y,know, the bold + underlined one)
Worth It - Alpha 0.02
2. In Chrome, open Settings > Extensions, then drag the downloaded link
(Worth_It-alpha-0.0.2.crx) into the page.
3. Follow the next steps in Chrome and install. 
4. Start shopping with your own currency. 


UX/Coding/Production/XD who agreed to make something with a Copywriter who randomly FB messaged him one day: Xia Du
Logo/Design/Art Director Goddess: Alex McClelland