TJ Maxx - Student Work

While most American retailers are struggling to stay open, TJ Maxx is booming. In recent annual earnings the Teej surpassed retail-giant Macy's by billions. Why? Because there's nothing America loves more than a great deal.



Budget Ballin'- Targeted Banners

Bargain hunters can't turn down a good travel deal. After they book a discounted trip, TJ Maxx reminds them there's no need to spend too many of their hard earned dollars on the packing list.



In-Store Deal Tag

TJ Maxx gets new inventory in every day, meaning there's a great deal to be celebrated every day. The deal tag is attached to the top deal item of the day. If a shopper buys the item the tag is attached to, they will be surprised by a congratulatory message after it's removed at the register.


In-Store: Brag Booth

Finding an incredible deal is an achievement. That's where the Brag Booth comes in. Shoppers choose their backdrop of preference and let the camera capture them with their prized discounted possession. 

Shoppers can print off their photo or send it to themselves digitally.


If shoppers choose to share their brag booth photo on Instagram, they will receive additional discounts on their next TJ Maxx purchase. 


Art Director: The lovely, Liwen Xu