Checked the weather today?  Wondering what you're going to eat next? (I know I am). We're not the only ones. Weather and food are among the top daily-searched categories on mobile. 

What if Google leveraged its data to examine the relationship between these two daily habits in an interesting, entertaining, and down-right Googly way?

If they did, we'd like to think it'd look a lot like tastetemp.


Introducing a Google Trends Project:
tastetemp combines food searches with weather patterns based on the previous year's search data to serve up a delicious new type of temperature.

Find out the top searched food at the current temperature in your area, or anywhere in the world, down to the degree.




Check the weather and what your city's craving. If you're craving the same, select "near me" to locate the chosen food in your area via Google Maps. Or, choose to make it at home with recipes powered by Google search.

Not interested in what your city's food of choice? Swipe to check options around the world. Or, check out the forecast for future cravings in your area.




Counting down the minutes until your lunch break? Check tastetemp to see what food temperatures await, be it in your city, or otherwise.



Google Doodle

A Google Doodle kicks off the project. By clicking on the doodle, users are directed to the desktop version of tastetemp.


Interactive Out of Home

Similar to the app and desktop experiences, an interactive wall allows the weather and food-curious to take a bite out of the weather, all around the world.



Ate a lot of Black Sheep subs with:
Creative Brand Manager: Surabhi Batra
Strategist: Christin Johnson
Experience Designer: Kelly Padgett
Art Directors: Jake Broglio, Hector Rivas