LYRIX - Spotify Game 

  • Copywriters: Lizzy Hopkinson, Rich Whelchel, Caroline Gallalee, Tom Daley, James Gross
  • One kind, talented, patient, brave XD: Hunter Noxon

Spotify recently partnered with Musixmatch, the world's largest lyrics database. Thanks to this partnership, Spotify subscribers can now stream music tracks and lyrics simultaneously. 

Here's the problem, almost no one knows about the partnership, or the significance of these massive musical databases joining forces. For our Brand Engagement class, we were challenged to create a game that interacts, helps, or creates a solution for a brand. Our team created LyriX, a game for music lovers.


To start the game, users open the Spotify app on their smartphone or tablet and select the LyriX game from the main menu. Each player then snaps a photo of themselves to create a user profile. The phone or tablet is then passed around the room for each player's respective turn. 

During their turn, a player is prompted with a word and, in a matter of seconds, must say or sing a song with lyrics containing that word. The app’s voice-recognition technology searches the combined databases of Spotify + Musixmatch to determine if the player advances to the next round.


If the player can't think of a song or lyric that contains their given word, he or she is out. The game continues this way until the last person who has guessed a song or lyric correctly every time, is left standing. This player is the winner of the game and deemed a LyriX Legend.


Demo video


Once the game is over, Spotify generates a playlist of all the songs given as responses during the game and sends it to the players' devices. If a player does not have Spotify, the playlist is sent to them via a SMS link which also includes an invitation for a free trial. This allows players to take the music and the game experience with them long after they stop playing. Additionally, players can choose to create a "Discover" playlist based off of the songs from their game playlist to continue to find more music in Spotify's expansive catalog.