Visual Poem

"If" by Rudyard Kipling as you may not have imagined it before.

Art Directors: Elliot Eliash and Chris Lumain                                                 
Copywriters: James Gross, Lizzy Hopkinson


Competitive Beardsmen (and Women)

In which we took on the wild world of whisker growin'.

Copywriter: Lizzy Hopkinson (shooting, editing)
Copywriter: Chris Kessler (shooting, editing)
Art Director: Jake Broglio (shooting, color correction)
Art Director: Frank Garguilo (shooting, sound editing)


Stop Motion Short Film

If ya girl's ex writes on a yellow legal pad, consider yourself warned.

Art Directors: Elliot Eliash, Andrew Jones
Copywriter: Lizzy Hopkinson

Hanes Change the Name

You know what's crazy? People still use the word "wifebeater" as a moniker for undershirts. That ain't right. No one's more upset about it than the undershirt himself. 

Art Director: Steph Langan
Experience Designer: Shawn Hurley
Copywriter: Lizzy Hopkinson