Deering Banjos

From selling out of a station wagon in the 70s, to becoming North America's largest banjo seller, Deering knows a thing or two about getting the banjo to places it's never been before.

They also know plenty about having to push past the banjo's hillbilly stereotype.

Regardless of who they are or what they have to put up with, Deering players love their damn banjo, no matter what.

Point of Purchase

When the inevitable banjo jokes do come, Deering's got your back. The Banjo Clapback Guide is a repertoire of retorts that ensures you always have the last laugh. 

Door Twang Hangers

While you're playing, stop any assumptions before they even get through the door.

Banjo Case

Don't let anyone think for a second that you're toting around anything besides a banjo. 

Art Director: Chris Lumain