Bass Pro Shops

To most of us, the "5 3/8" Stik-O Worm" bait appears measly, forgettable, and vaguely phallic at best. But to its 200+ Bass Pro Shops online reviewers (many of whom uploaded fish pics), it is so, so, much more. This discovery, as well as extensive research into the nuances of duck vs. goose game calls, solidified my thinking behind the concept for the "We Speak Outdoorsmen" campaign.

Believe you me, this place ain't for hobbyists. 


Copy: Fresh out of squirrel zonkers? We can fix that with plenty of dry, fine, nymph, and streamer dubbing - Have you tried marabou? We're partial to the old fashioned rabbit strips, but the new boys won't shut up about it. If that doesn't cause a trout to take notice, we've got deer belly, possum, wood duck feathers, ostrich plumes, Hungarian partridges, elk body hair, black hear, and some caribou for good measure. 

Copy: You're a front stuffin' muzzzleloader? Glad to hear it, we have everything you need. We'd recommend some cold caps, magnums, primers, clean out screws, a breech scrapers (you gotta have one of those). Damn if you don't protect that brow with a scope. How about some nipple grease?


Ground Shrinkage Radio Script


The Bass Pro game call app allows users to record and send messages in the "language" of an animal and its respective game call. The app helps users to both explore and share the expansive selection of game calls available at Bass Pro. Plus, can you imagine how an elk says "Good Morning?"

For the record: Squirrel zonkers, front stuffin' muzzeloading, and ground shrinkage are all very real terms/phenomenas.

Art Director: Chris Lumain